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Dogs needing homes - None

Rescue Co-Ordinator: None currrently appointed.

Donating to the EMDA Rescue Fund: If you are able to give a little or allot to the EMDA Rescue Fund, that would be fantastic! The money is kept safe until it is needed to help rehome a dog. If the EMDA take on a dog to foster, while a new home is being found this money may be used for any vet bills, food, housing (if kennels) and anything needed to help get the dog into its deserved forever home.

If you would like to donate, please contact Anthony Johnson who will be more than happy to help.

If you have any interest in adopting an Estrela which is looking to be re-homed please read the following explanation of how the rescue scheme works.

The Estrela Mountain Dog Association (EMDA) is devoted to the care and welfare of any rescue Estrela which is signed over to the club rescue scheme and will make every effort to re-home all suitable dogs.


An Estrela qualifies for the rescue scheme when its existing owner is no longer able to provide suitable housing and care for it. The owner would be expected to have contacted their breeder to make them aware of the situation and seek their help. If the breeder is unable or unwilling to give assistance then the EMDA committee will consider the case for adoption through assessment. The existing owner would be expected to co-operate in every way with the committee. Breeders may also ask for help in finding suitable homes for a dog they have bred when needed but the EMDA would not normally provide financial help.


If a dog/bitch is accepted by the EMDA for re-homing by the rescue scheme the Association will expect the existing owner to sign a form releasing all rights to the dog/bitch to the EMDA and to also hand over all papers pertaining to the dog at the time the dog is released. At this point the releasing owner will have no further rights to the named dog/bitch.


The EMDA will make every effort to put the released dog straight into a foster home but where one is not available the dog/bitch may be kennelled until a suitable home or foster home can be found. In all cases the EMDA will do it’s utmost to place the dog in a permanent home as quickly as possible.


Anyone presenting themselves to the EMDA as a potential adoptee will be fully interviewed to assess what dog would be suitable for them. Wherever possible a home check will be carried out as part of the vetting service to the check the suitability for this large breed, garden size, fencing, gates, area etc. At this time the adoptee would be able to ask any questions and also discuss general care of an Estrela.


When a dog/bitch becomes available for rehoming the awaiting adoptees will be assessed for their suitability for that Estrela and the most suitable choice will be contacted until a home becomes available.


If a dog/bitch and owner appear to be suitable a donation to rescue will be agreed, this would be due to EMDA on signing the adoption papers 4 weeks after re-homing if the dog/bitch is suitable and to be adopted.


The dog/bitch will be taken to visit the adoptive home by a representative from Rescue and if it is judged to be suitable the dog/bitch will be left there with the potential adoptive owners for a period of 4 weeks. At this point the adoptive owners accept responsibility for the dog/bitch’s expenses. Throughout that time the rescue team will be on hand for advice.


At the end of the 4 weeks a further visit by a rescue representative will be arranged to see how the dog/bitch has settled . If the representative is satisfied that any works which were advised as necessary have been completed and that the dog/bitch and potential owners are happy then an adoption form can be signed. Prior to signing the dog over to the new owners the donation must be paid and then the dog will be signed into the ownership of the adoptees. At this time the adoptees accept full legal liability for the dog/bitch.


The dog/bitch would then be considered as a successful re-home.



Are you a potential Foster Home?: If so, please contact the committee to put your name forwards for approprate interviewing.

No Dogs Are In Need Of Homes At The Current Time.

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