Members Code of Conduct

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Introduction: This is a code of behavior which members are expected to follow.
If any member seriously contravenes these points, they will be asked to explain their actions by the Committee.

For the sake of convenience the male personal pronoun has been used throughout this statement, but its provisions apply to members of either sex.

1. When planning the use of dogs for breeding, honest consideration should be given to type, temperament and soundness of BOTH intended parents.

Breeding from inferior specimens should be discouraged at all times. The hope of financial gain should not be a primary consideration.

2. No bitch should be mated before the age of 2 years, nor should initial mating be deferred beyond her 5th birthday. Brood bitches to be retired after their 8th birthday. Bitches should not be bred from more than once a year. No bitch should be over bred.

3. Any members who have bred puppies, which suffer from hereditary conditions or exhibit serious divergences from the standard, should advise the Secretary so that a record can be maintained and potential health problems monitored.

4. In view of the potentially crippling nature of Hip Dysplasia and its high degree of inheritability, the EMDA policy is that all stock should be x-rayed after the age of 12 months, prior to breeding.
Only dogs whose hips are within an acceptable range should be considered for breeding purposes.
Stud dogs and Brood bitches which have consistently produced progeny with high scores, should be withdrawn from breeding and their progeny should not be bred from.

5. When planning a litter, members must ensure they have the necessary facilities to give proper care and attention to the Dam and her pups.

Owners of Stud dogs should satisfy themselves that the owner of the bitch could provide such care and facilities. Members must be able to retain any unsold pups for as long as is necessary. Any member breeding a litter must be prepared to take responsibility for any stock needing to be re-homed.

6. No puppy should leave the breeder before the age of 7 weeks.

7. Breeders should screen potential owners for suitability and advise them of breed characteristics both good and bad.

8. Potential buyers should be made aware if a puppy has a known defect or shows any definite departure from the standard.

9. At the time of purchase, new owners should be provided with a Pedigree, Diet Sheet, and Kennel Club Registration form (if returned from K.C.)
Information on worming and inoculations should also be given, where appropriate. If a puppy is not registered at the K.C. the buyer must be made aware of this.

10. Breeders must be prepared to offer help and advice should the new owners have any problems or concerns about their puppy.

11. No puppy should be exported before the age of 12 weeks unless they are travelling with an escort. Care should be taken to ensure that Countries to which dogs of any age are exported have adequate anti-cruelty laws in force. No Estrela should ever be knowingly sold to a laboratory, pet-shop, dealer or any person connected to such.

12. Members are reminded that unsportsmanlike behaviour at Dog Shows affects adversely on the Association and its good name and will not be accepted.

13. The Committee of the EMDA must always be ready to do their best to help members with any queries or problems.

14. Members should work in unity, putting the welfare, preservation and advancement of the breed above personal ambition.

NOTE: Members are encouraged to give a copy of this document along with an application for membership of the EMDA to all new Estrela owners for their information. Further copies of both documents are available from the Secretary, and also on this EMDA website.

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