09/12/2018: 2019 Annual General Meeting & Membership:

Seasons Greetings! Christmas is nearly here and we have some exciting dates for you in 2019.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 11th May 2019 at the venue of Bearley Village Hall, start time of 11am.

It is then planned to be follwed by a Breed Association Day (BAD) starting in the afternoon. Further details and booking forms to secure place/s will be circulating in the new year to current members. 


If you are not yet a member then please visit the membership page where you can download the membership application form.


Save the Date:

Sunday 29th September 2019: Both the EMDA Open and Limit Show will be held at Bearley Village Hall. Schedule and more details to be announced next year.

 31/10/2018: CRUFTS Entries for 2019:

We have now begun the decent towards the end of the year, and for those who show their dogs will be thinking about prepping for Crufts 2019. Entries are now open for those dogs who have qualified and you can find the schedule here. There will be the usual opportunity also to be part of the Discover Dogs stand at crufts. If you are interested in this then please join the EMDA as a member and contact a member of the committee. Last but not least, lets look forward to the SHOPPING!!!

To find out what qualifies your dog for Crufts 2019 please click here.

The Estrela Mountain Dog will be judged on Friday 8th March 2018 in Hall 2, Ring 13 judged by Mr B. Reynolds-Frost - (benching will also be close by).

Here is the proposed order of judging for Hall 2 Ring 13:

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois) Judge: Miss P. Gaffey

Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren) Judge Miss P. Gaffey

Turkish Kangal Dog Judge Mr B. Reynolds-Frost

Estrela Mountain Dog Judge Mr B. Reynolds-Frost

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Judge Mr B. Reynolds-Frost 

10/10/2018: Discover Dogs October 2018:

Anyone looking to meet a large number of breeds in once place should always consider visiting the Discover Dogs stands at either Crufts held every March at the NEC or at the ExCel in London held every October. The Estrela Mountain Dog stand will again be manned by some of our members. It's a great place to talk about anything dog related and get information about our fantastic breed. Dates: 20th and 21st October 2018.

05/07/18: World Dog Show 2018 and BENELUX Winner Show:

The Wold Dog Show this year will be held in Amsterdam from Friday 10th August to Sunday 12th August 2018.

If you're thinking of taking the trip over there, the Benelux Winners Show is also held there on Thursday 9th August 2018.

10/05/18:The Date Is Set: 2018 Monográfica: Translation from FB Post.

This year 2018 it is Licrase who will be organizing the XXVIII Monográfica do Cão da Serra da Estrela, which will be held on the 15th September 2018, judged by Mr Manuel Correia (PT). Admission of the dogs will commence at 9am.
We have used this year to join the Monográfica with the Chocalhos 2018 festival, which will take place in the beautiful village of Alpedrinha county of Fundão. In addition to the Monográfica do Cão da Serra da Estrela we will also have two other Monográficas happening on the same day of two very special breeds the Cão de Castro Laboreiro and Barbado da Terceira.
Without a doubt a great canine feast in an already enormous event such as the Chocalhos, where you can see several endogenous products, the different dog breeds, the shepherds, the sheep, the already known transhumance held on Sunday, September 16 in the morning in a march of 8 kms where dogs, sheep and shepherds go from Fundão to Alpedrinha. There will also be herd driving tests, local folklore, little artisan shops, local taverns where you can taste many delicious dishes and liquor, and lots of nightlife.

08/05/18: Our Next Event: EMDA Open and Limit Show September 2019

The EMDA committee have decided to combine both Open and Limit Shows starting September 2019 to help reduce costs. Both shows will be held on one day, one AM show and one PM show with two different judges. Please continue to support the Estrela Mountain Dog communitee. If you require any more information then please contact a committee member. The shows will continue to he held at Bearley Village Hall, Nr Stratford Upon Avon.

26/03/18: EMDA Open and Limit Show Results 2018

10/03/18: March 2018 AGM:

At the latest AGM it has been confirmed that both Open and Limit shows held by the EMDA will, from September 2019 be held on one day. AM show and PM Show with two different judges to help keep rental costs down. There are also three new committee members, Mrs Kelly L Bailey Mrs Tracy Cronin and Mr Karl Cronin. Kelly will be on website maintenance. If you need any more show information, please contact a member of the committee.

The EMDA 2017 Top Dog award was given to: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s Prt/Lux/Benelux/Dt CH (VDH) Odi Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt EW’16 (Imp)

The EMDA 2017 Top Bitch award was given to: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s Rainha Da Casa De Losa Em Bamcwt EJW’16 (Imp)

The EMDA 2017 Top Puppy award was given to: Bailey's Bamcwt First Knight

The EMDA Crufts 2018 award was given to: McKinlay & Johnson’s Milagre Got A Feelin At Estjak

*To be eligible for these awards, you must be a member of the EMDA. For more information please visit the membership page.

17/03/18: Crufts 2018: Congratulations to all winners and those who took part at Crufts 2018. We hope you have all had fun, whether you were exhibiting or not this year.

Restults for Crufts 2018 can be found here.


20/03/17: March 2017 AGM and Awards:

The EMDA 2016 Top Dog award was given to: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s Prt/Lux/Dt CH (VDH) Odi Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt EW’16 (Imp)

The EMDA 2017 Crufts Winner Award was given to: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s Prt/Lux/Dt CH (VDH) Odi Da Casa De Loas Em Bamcwt EW’16 (Imp)

The EMDA 2016 Top Bitch award was given to: McKinlay & Johnson's Milagre Got A Feelin At Estjak

Coming next year: The EMDA Top Puppy Award.

15/03/17: Crufts 2017: So, another Crufts has come and gone. You can find the Crufts 2017 Estrela's results here.

September 2016: Unforunatly due to lack of entries the Limit Show has been cancelled. Our next show is scheduled for March 2017. (Open Show)


Crufts 2016: You can find the Crufts 2016 results here.



03/2015: Crufts 2015: You can find the Crufts 2015 results here.

Links directly to previous Crufts Estrela Mountain Dog class results can be found here (backdated to 2000)

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